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Osteopathy is a manual therapy that involves physical manipulation of the body's tissues including fascia, muscle, neurological reflexes, ligaments, and bones, with the aim of treating the entire body in order to address the underlying cause of the problem


Tessa is a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner and a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association. She graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2021 and prior to that she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science, with a Minor in Psychology from McMaster University, where she graduated with Honors in 2016.


Growing up, Tessa was always passionate about athletics, she played competitive soccer for the Flamborough region for 8 years and then went on to join the McMaster Varsity Rugby team. Her passion for sports and fitness lead her to seek an education studying the human body and how to maintain health and wellness at a level that allows the body to thrive.

Tessa’s treatments focus on bringing the body into structural alignment so that all parts can work together optimally and allow the body to self-heal and self-regulate. By removing restriction within the body, it allows free flow of the arterial, venous, lymphatic, and nervous pathways, so that the body can undertake all of the necessary physiological functions required to maintain health and balance.


Her treatments are patient-centred and individually customized to each patients unique needs so whether it is an acute injury or a chronic condition, a musculoskeletal problem or a visceral problem, Tessa works with the body to restore its structural integrity and remove restrictions to health so that the body is able to self-heal. 

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